October 29, 2010

Fail Photo Friday - Halloween

so, yesterday was officially be a nice, doting mom day. 
now it's friday. 
so here are some of the less successful shots from Halloween 2010. 

...these sent me on a mental stroll down memory lane of some of my favorite unfortunate halloween photos of years past. 
the ghosts of failed photos past, if you will. 
so, i'm thinking that, in honor of the holiday this weekend... 
(and, because this California girl who grew up trick-or-treating on October 31st and not whatever day the city of Columbus declared to be "trick-or-treat" night finds this new structure unsettling...)
...i will spend saturday and sunday night sharing some of my favorite old gems. 

benny adamantly declared Dots to be his favorite candy over the last two days.
i don't understand.
but, whatever.
now i don't have to eat the leftover candy and i can focus on the chocolate.
here, we were on our last residence hall of the night.
ben appears to have had one too many Dots. 

My Sweaty Boys was a close second to the blog's current title.
but it just seemed to send the wrong message. 

like all true superheroes, mine occasionally break into dance.

this would be mom's failed photo.
but my friends and i sure had fun handing out the candy while the boys were walking the neighborhood with daddy. 

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