October 28, 2010

my little heroes

today's post is neither funny nor ridiculous. 
just shamelessly sharing my boys' cuteness for halloween this year. 
...i mean, i have to be a legit mommy sometimes. :)

the boys trying on their costumes 

yep, i forgot to take the sticker off of anthony's head 
benny was SO proud of his inflatable wings.
which, thank you online vendor, came with a hole in them.
and lost their steam, as seen here, within about 30 seconds.
mom & dad were SO proud of their super glue & piece of trash bag patch job.

the boys went to Haunt the Halls on campus on Wednesday night.
benny stopped by my office first to snag some candy from my candy dish.
AKA, in keeping with life on campus, he pre-partied for the event.
benny's pumpkin is on the left. he asked for a "mad face."
anth requested something a tad more complex. 

tonight was Trick or Treat night in our neighborhood.
i merely include this to prove i eventually noticed, and removed, the sticker. 
love this kid.
to infinity.
and beyond.

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