October 1, 2010

honesty. . .

i did it. i allowed a stranger to hack off my hair today. for most grown women, this is not a big deal. but with naturally curly hair, i have vivid memories of my bangs drying to within a millimeter of existence in the car-ride home from a haircut in fifth grade. more recently...and by recent i mean in 2003...i left with a haircut that dried into three distinct layers. picture a rudimentary sketch of a christmas tree. attached to my head. 

so...i was a try-not-to-vomit mess today the two hours before i went to the salon. my parents and i went to Panera before my 1:30 appointment. where my mother decided to share the story of the time she took me to get my hair cut when i was three, wearing all blue, and the gentleman mistook me for a boy and i left looking the part. fabulous. so helpful. 
so, i went into the salon, the stylist hacked off the ponytail for Locks of Love, gave me a bob, and straightened my hair for fun. 



grandma went with me today to pick up the boys. the little men have never seen me with short hair. nor straight. upon entering anth's classroom, he looked at me, and immediately said, "oh, mom. you'll never look the same again." 


we then picked up benny and managed to get to the parking lot and strap them all into the car. as we were pulling away, anth, unprompted, asked, "have you guys told dad about this yet?" my mom informed him that she had already sent him a photo. anth pondered this for a moment, and then offered up, "well, he may not like the style. but he'll still love YOU."




  1. Anth sure has turned into a little pistol! I LOVE the new look! I think you look gorgeous with long, short, curly, straight, or even purple hair!

  2. AMAZING!!! I love the new look! It's awesome!
    - Fellow Curly Girl

  3. Sooo cute! Love the haircut-and the things your boys say!

  4. That looks incredible! I love your blog Krystyne- keep up the hilarious posts!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!!! So freaking amazing!!!!