October 25, 2010

leaf me alone

in keeping with my usual routine, i picked up anth from his room at daycare first today. 
as we were walking through the center toward ben's room, we passed the double doors that are the entrance point to one of the playgrounds. 
there was a pretty substantial pile of leaves on the inside of the doors. 
anthony looked at them, and commented, "geez. i guess it's a rather busted day."

in an effort to correct what i found to be a rather precious Winnie the Pooh reference, i said, 
"i think you mean a rather blustery day, hon." 

per usual, anthony paused long enough to give me his very clear "oh, mom" look.  
and retorted, "i know it's 'blustery,' mom. i just prefer 'busted' to describe this day." 

seeing as this is not part of the usual savarese house vernacular, i'm curious as to what 
situation prompted him to pick up this descriptor at school.

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