October 24, 2010

missing the bigger picture

  • Scene: mid-afternoon. i'm in the kitchen doing dishes. 
  • Anth: (barreling around the corner from the family room) Mom! I need a new cup for my snack!!!!
  • Me: What happened to the cup you were using? 
  • Anth: Oh! I barfed in it!
  • (anth turns and starts to run back to the living room, where, presumably, the Savarese wait staff will deliver said cup. he stops suddenly, then pivots on the ball of his foot.)
  • Anth: So, i'm probably gonna need a new snack, too. 
  • (runs off again.)
  • *** yeah...probably. because MORE to eat is the next best step. 

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  1. Hey, If "Things My Father Says" can get a tv show, You may be headed for the big screen. Sue Foster