November 19, 2010

Fail Photo Friday - 13

i believe i have clearly demonstrated my early push for all things christmas this year.
this last week, i have been plugging away at addressing the annual slew of holiday cards.
not surprisingly, i like to send photo cards of the boys.
some of these have been really cute. (i'm biased.)
some of them have been great shots of not-so-cute moments.

this train of thought reminded me of a few key pictures that came out of "holiday photo shoots of christmas past."
today, i share the "best" photo from anthony's first christmas in 2005.
needless to say, this is NOT the photo we chose for the holiday card that year.
mainly becuase i responded with, "of course i'm just kidding..." when my husband, after i suggested this photo, responded with, "really, krystyne?"

...i totally wasn't kidding.

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