November 17, 2010

music to my ears

on the drive into work this morning, benny declared that he didn't want to listen to his music. 
his music is generally Kidz Bop. 
which i find horrid. 
so, i was happy to quickly change over to "mommy's music"
we tried several different songs, and each time he asked for "mommy's other music." 
with a varied and somewhat eclectic collection, this description was not extremely helpful. 

eventually we hit a red light and a car pulled up next to us. 
i kept flipping through artists, and ben kept getting more frustrated. 
anth had been relatively disengaged during most of this process, until he chimed in with, 
"hey, guys. why don't we listen to the lady in the grey car's music? it sounds like a nice song and, for real, she's playing it loud enough for all of us." 

miraculously, benny concurred. 

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