November 26, 2010

Fail Photo Friday - 14

anthony, like me, is a keeper of things. 
his cubby at kindergarten quickly piles up with papers he collects throughout the week. 
depending on who is picking him up, bern or i typically empty out his cubby on Fridays.
last week, i grabbed his usual pile and brought it home to wade through. 

while sorting through the scrap paper/class work/artwork, i pulled out these drawings. 
upon first glance, i thought it was really kind of precious and wholesome that some little girl had made him these drawings...

...until i gave them a little more attention. 

this momma's heart is not yet ready for this. 
(and, p.s., what does the extra little person in sydney's drawing imply?)

1 comment:

  1. and is this the version of a little player in the making? 3 different girl's names!