November 28, 2010

he knows if you've been bad or good . . .

the wiggle-in-the-tub-so-mommy-can't-wash-me stage is still alive and well in the savarese abode. 
and benny, a little man dedicated to his little causes, put up another good fight tonight at bath time. 
after some deft maneuvering on my part, i managed to grab hold of one of his wiggly little feet and give it a good scrub. 
at this point, he was laying on his stomach in the water and he shot me a look over his shoulder and informed me, "mommy you makin' me SO fwus-toh-wated!"
then he sat up, seemingly just for the purpose of looking me straight in the eye, and informed me in his most stern of 2-year-old voices, "and Santa is watchin' you." 

(Santa, if you really were watching me at that particular moment, i'm kind of  hoping you're on my side about the whole intentionally applied soap thing.)

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  1. i was spending a few minutes catching up on your blog (because according to mike i pretty much live online) and i died when i read this one! 1pt for making me laugh, 2pts for making me prove to mike it's not always a waste of time :)