December 1, 2010

100 Days of Savvy

well, folks, this is officially My Savvy Boy's 100th post. 
i have to give myself a that's-not-too-shabby for something i didn't know if i, or anyone else, would actually find interesting.

in honor of this not-actually-momentous occasion, i decided to post something i find 100% endearing. 
this is one more song from benny. 
and, no worries, i promise recordings of the kids will not be a regular thing. :)

this was also in his room in the dark. 
i was lying down on the floor next to his bed, as he often asks that we do after putting him in his crib. 
this time, he was not aware that i was recording his preciousness.
here is my sweet benjamin doing what i find to be the world's cutest call and response rendition of You Are My Sunshine. 
this is a song i remember my mother singing to me when i was a wee one. 
so it is a big ol' bucket of heartwarming, fun, full-circle nostalgia for me. 

the only things to make fun of here are the first three notes and the embarrassment of a "sentence" i used to praise benny's singing at the end of the recording. 
and to that i say, mock away. 
i know i would. 

1 comment:

  1. YOU DO SO NICE!!! How cute is his little voice?? I kind of just melted.