November 30, 2010

Tuesday Nights equal GLEE!

and, apparently, benny shares his love of the show with his momma. 

recently, benny has discovered that i can record his vocal stylings on my phone, and he likes to put in requests for songs that he will sing. 
i will then play them back to him until he wants to record a new one. 
tonight, benny wanted to record the theme song to Go, Diego, Go!
if you are familiar with pre-school age television, you will know that his variation of this songs makes a sudden, and apparently unintentional, transition into the theme song for Little Einsteins. 
which benny soon realizes and stops himself, reflecting out loud on what the Diego song should actually sound like...
(warning, yes the screen in this video is black. it was recorded in his room at bedtime and the lights were out. this rendition was sung from his crib to my phone in the dark. precious.)

in glee terminology, this would be a loose interpretation of a "mash-up."
that's my boy. 

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