December 19, 2010

4 Generations of Fail Photo

we spent this Thanksgiving with bernie's family. 
this year, we went to his aunt and uncle's house. 
bern's dad likes to get an annual shot of the 4 generations of Savarese men. 
this was this year's attempt...

Fail # 1 - way to go Great Grandpa and Uncle Frank
(check out anth's eyes. haha)

Fail #2 includes cousins Jason & Dylan- benny was trying really hard. 
i'm just not sure why he was trying in that particular direction...

and, finally, Fail #3 - another "when you know the shoot is over" shot, compliments of benjamin...
poor anth is at least giving us his "i'm over it but i know this is important to you mom" smile. 
bless his heart. 

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