December 17, 2010

8th Floor Improv presents - Fail Photo 17's post is nothing but a shameless plug on behalf of some lovely gems in a student organization called 8th Floor Improv at Ohio State University.
they are funny people.
hilarious, in fact.
and, upon the invitation of a creative-minded colleague,  they are taking their talents to the radio to spread some holiday love.
or, holiday humor, really.

i think this picture best captures the holiday spirit that was in the studio as the lovely folks of 8th Floor recorded the upcoming holiday show for Writers Talk.

as you can see, the show promises many tidings of comfort.
and much joy.
you know you want to hear it.
here's how....

Monday, December 20th @ 3:30pm - WCRS radio, 98.3 & 102.1 FM
Wednesday, December 22 @ 8:00pm - WCBE radio, 90.5 FM
Christmas Eve @ midnight - WCBE radio, 90.5 FM...followed by a another round of the ever-festive Writers Talk Halloween Show.

now, i use the word "wholesome" quite a bit in my day to day life. 
i would not, though, use it to describe this particular brand of holiday show. 
i might, instead, use "genius." 
another common savvyism. 
because, if you are looking for a nice, cozy, hot chocolate-by-the-fire-with-the-kids kind of radio show... 
then i say, this is not 1952. 
but, instead, if you might have overdone the holiday music and decorating a tad early, and are willing to look for a new lens on the holiday season, tune in. 

AKA, ...

there may be a little bit of this...

and a tad of this...
and, hopefully, only the slightest snippet of this...  
(oh yeah, here's where the fail-photo part plays into this shameless plug of a post.
this is anth at just about 18 months.
one of the founders of 8th Floor, Chris Lochinski, gave him this shirt.
and asked me to take photos of him in it for advertising.
um. sorry, chris.
it was useful. 
just on a 4 year delay. )

...for more delicious info about 8th Floor Improv check out:

for more on the students' journey into writing for radio, Writers Talk, or to find the podcast of the show at a later date, check out:

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  1. I love Anth's faces here - he did a great job! :) Both times. Though clearly that first one was unintentional. ;)