December 4, 2010

brownies, part 2

anthony has become an expert stirrer. 
a word normally used to describe humans? 
not really. 
but you find a better one and i'll happily use it. 
typically, anth stirs the brownies (same ones from last week's post) for a bit and mom comes in to do the final job of making sure there aren't pockets of brownie mix. 
assuming this usual role, i realized that anthony had done it. 
he had stirred the perfect bowl of batter. 
thrilled with this bit of progress (those of you familiar with StrengthsQuest, Developer is my 6th strength...), i clapped and asked him, "anth, when did you become a perfect stirrer?"
he nonchalantly shrugged and responded, "mom, you know, when you're 5, it all just kind of comes together." 

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