December 14, 2010

a christmas lesson

tonight while tucking anth in to bed, i had him run down the most current list of his christmas wishes. 
i needed to make sure Santa had the most up to date list possible. 
anthony listed a RC something-or-other car, Criss Cross Crash and Beyblade (sp?). 
but then he leaned in and patted me on my cheek and said, "but mom, i'm not most excited about getting gifts. i'm most excited about spending time with my family." 


i mean, yes the christmas season is definitely about more than presents and i'm all about that. 
but come on, the kid is 5. 
so i asked him if he and dad had been talking about that recently. 
"no, mom. but i'm pretty sure that's kind of what those christmas TV shows are trying to tell me."


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha. Ha. That's. Freaking. Hilarious. Damn that kid is smart!

  2. I really hope that I helped to contribute to this one :)