December 16, 2010

what would we do, baby. . . ?

back before i had two little men of my own, i used to think i would never be that parent who would throw their kids in front of the TV in order to get something done. 
that was a noble idea. 
but, it wasn't all that well thought out, as i'm not exactly sure when i thought i would actually accomplish the daily to-do list. 
this week, bern and i let the boys watch a new version of Transformers on The Hub while we tried to catch up on cleaning around the house. 

as i have said many times, we can trust anthony to follow rules.
this includes the job of monitoring TV. 
we simply have to tell him that something is a show that is "off-limits," and he will forever avoid watching it. 
this system works nicely for us. 

so, as we were rounding out the 30-minute mark while desperately moving piles about the house, anth suddenly shouted, "mom! dad! come here! quick!"
assuming someone was injured, we made the mad dash toward the boys. 
while on the move, we then heard anth shout, "there is some REALLY WEIRD show on TV!!!"
and as we rounded the corner into the room where they were quietly sitting, bern and i heard the familiar tune that accompanies the lyric "...and there ain't no nothing we can't love each other through."

i can see how the cast of Family Ties could come across as somewhat out of place in comparison to Transformers and The Avengers and Phineas and Ferb. 
but the look on anthony's was was truly one of horror. 
maybe it was the hair...

sha la la la. 

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