December 22, 2010

cookie monster

my mom has a recipe for oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies that people tend to adore. 
she typically makes them and throws some in the freezer. 
over the years, my dad has developed a preference for eating them straight out of the freezer. 
benny has decided he enjoys them the same way. 
except for the part where he gets frustrated because they are notably harder to eat in that condition. 
so this week we let him get some out of the freezer, but microwaved them for him. 
a little bit too long. 
so they went from too hard to eat to too hard to keep in one piece. 
he was wandering about with one of these damaged treats, when a small pile of crumbs fell off. 
he looked down and quietly kept eating. 
anth, who was nearby, told him he should pick up the crumbs and put them in the trash. 
ben looked back down at the crumbs. 
then looked back at anth and tilted his head to the side, in consideration.
"ummmm....nope! i'm busy eatin' duh pawts i din't dwop yet." 

1 comment:

  1. I love your moms oatmeal cookies! I always keep them in the freezer when ever I'm lucky enough to get a bag from her. It's the way I've always known to eat them :)