December 25, 2010

A Holiday Message to My Savvy Boys' Followers . . .

yes, this message is specifically for the 13 of you who have opted to "follow" this blog. 
i know, and love, each of you...

ben wants all 13 of you to have a happy holiday

to the rest of you...well, see ben. 
apparently, anth still sends you 
(a somewhat deflated looking) Merry Christmas!

...too bah humbug? 
i hope your gifts are...
(and that your older sibling cheers you on instead of saving you from eating cheaply dyed paper...)

but, in a rare moment of seriousness...
to those of you who celebrate Christmas, 
and those who do not, 
i wish you love, laughter, good health and inner peace. 
today, and always. 

...with just a dash more laughter going to 
the world's unluckiest number of followers. :)


  1. My mother and I wish you a happy holiday as well as we have routinely enjoyed your posts over breakfast tea. Sue Foster

  2. There needs to be "like" buttons on here