December 28, 2010

somewhere in my youth, or childhood

first, i apologize if i lured you in thinkging this would be a usual post regarding the hilarious antics of our children.
it's not.

today, i'm choosing to send a shout-out to my hubby of 8 lovely years by adding a page that shares a little bit of info about us.
perhaps it will shed some light on the people bringing up anth and benny.
perhaps not.
either way, i had fun making it.
and, yes, here it is...

the complete and utter shameless link to a page on my own blog:
Our Story

happy anniversary, sweet boy!

(i realize that there might be some out there who won't understand that reference of this title. first of all, sad for you for not growing up in a house where your mom listened to musicals while cleaning and can watch this movie annually with the same devotion. second, here is the least awkward link i could find. j'adore...something good)

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