December 29, 2010

Believe - Part 2

a while back, i wrote a post regarding a video of a really thoughtful little boy named Tarak.
it including statements about his beliefs.
it had inspired me to go home and ask anth to generate his own.
they were listed in this post:  the first attempt...
clearly, anth was on a different page than Tarak.

while packing for our holiday trip to California... (expect some lovely posts from both the flights and the time at Grandma and Grandpa's soon. hilarity ensued.)...i found a scrap of paper dated 10.16.2010.
I, apparently, went back to anth for more belief statements.
and was once again non-plussed.
this led to two things...
first, i walked down the hallway and asked for even more belief statements.
then, i decided i didn't have time to post them while i was running about packing.
So, here you go...these are the things anth believed to be true as of October 16th, 2010...

1. i believe that lightbulbs just glow...
2. i believe that i don't know how the lightbulb actually works.
3. i believe the earth will get hurt if you put trash on it. some bad people do that. (this was 
    probably inspired by mommy's set up for the questions. though, to his credit, anth will 
    generally change what he is doing, such as using 93 paper towels in a public restroom, if 
    you tell him it hurts the earth. )
4. i believe that family loves each other. (unprompted. he's really that sweet.)
5. i believe you get scrapes when you're having fun.
6. i believe daddy can find things even though he wasn't there (this is a loving dig at mom,
     who can't find things, hers or otherwise, even when she is there when they were set down)
7. i believe magic can turn things into anything.
8. i believe Harry Potter is not real. for real, the magic wands are just sticks.

check back tomorrow to find out what profound wisdom anth had to bestow amidst mommy's packing earlier this month...

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