January 31, 2011

guess how much i love you

as often seems to be the case, this little snippet was provided by bedtime.

anth and i had been through the full bathtime/toothbrush/story/chat routine and i was officially tucking him in and giving him a kiss goodnight on the forehead.

me: good night sweet boy. i love you best.
anth: no, i love you best.
me: i love you more.
anth: no, i love you more!

(yes, we do sound like teenagers in puppy love trying to end a phone conversation.) 

me: how do you know you love me more than i love you? you're not in my brain. you couldn't know what i'm thinking.
anth: well, i'm not in your brain. but i was in your stomach. (apparently he thinks i ingested him, haha)....(anth pauses to think...) and you were never in my stomach, so i guess i know the most.

...some logic is too cute to argue.

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