January 28, 2011

fail photo 21: B-E-? spells Ben

as i've mentioned previously, anth is currently fascinated with a craft project called "iron beads," or Perler Beads
they are, actually, quite fun. 
essentially, he wades through a giant vat of multi-colored plastic beads, and places them on little pegs. 
we then involve an adult in the process of literally ironing them so the beads fuse together.
often, we use a pattern.
we have a plethora of little plastic animals floating around our house right now.
recently, anth has been getting creative and figuring out shapes on his own.
this weekend, he made a light saber while i worked on an apple tree.

anth also made an attempt at making a bead project for his little bother.
i mean brother.
it started off fairly well.
the "B" was completely filled in, but still recognizable.
the "E' was slightly larger than the "B", but pretty much perfect in my books.
the "N"...

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