January 13, 2011

hot...or not

recently, a box of Nutty Bars surfaced in our house.
and by recently, i mean my sister and her beau left them here when they visited from Kauai in September. 
anyway...anth choose to have a Nutty Bar last night as his post-dinner treat.
(i hear that some call this dessert.)
if you haven't had one before, they are pretty much wafers layered with peanut butter and dipped in chocolate.
anth can sometimes be a...deliberate...eater.
in this case, this resulted in particularly chocolatey finger-tips.

anth wandered into the restroom to wash his hands.
he asked me to turn on the water for him since he was "way too dirty to be touching our sink."
he then quickly interjected to make sure i did not make the water too hot.
(typical to their personalities, ben likes his water close to scalding and anth likes it more in the tepid range)

while i was fiddling with the water, anth asked, "mom...what does hot mean?"
focused on the water, i started to explain that it was a mater of perception, and he quickly stopped me.
"no, mom...i mean, what does it mean when someone says a girl is hot?"
at first i was tempted to explain that, in my assessment, he thinks Cat Deeley is hot.
instead, i explained that it was something one might say if they thoughts a girl was VERY pretty or a boy was VERY handsome.
(yes, i know there is tad more innuendo in this word, but come on...he's 5.)
i was trying to think of a positive example.
"you know, hon...like..."
anth sweetly suggested, "like i bet you think daddy is hot, right mom?"
"yep. i do."
anth giggles.
"and i bet daddy thinks that you're...like...warm. or, something."

thanks, sweet boy.


  1. He is totally fired.
    Warm my arse!
    But clearly someone's wholesomeness has totally rubbed off.

  2. Haha go, Kelly!!
    Slash I literally laughed out loud...
    Annnnd I think you're BeAuTiFuL, Krystyne! :o)