January 14, 2011

PHP 6 (Fail Photo 19) . . . Play Dohn't

yes, virginia, there is an end to the Post Holiday Posts.
this would be it.

as i mentioned a few days back, we made a journey to Michael's to get some fun crafty things to keep the boys entertained while Mother Nature piddled all over our trip to california.
my mom also brought some stuff out of her usual stash of activities she keeps on hand.
one of them was, of course, the ever classic set of multi-colored Play-Doh.
this was supplemented by a bit of modeling clay from Michael's.
bernie and i decided to join in on the fun.

it all started out perfectly fine.
wholesome, even...

life was...good...

i got into it.
i started to make little Play-Doh animals.
now, i am clearly not about to start a career in sculpture, but it was enough to keep the boys entertained.

anthony suggested that we take a picture of the "little guys" i made out of Play-Doh, and the horse that he had made out of iron beads...

eventually my mom and dad were lured in to the colorful trap.
apparently, no one is immune to the appeal of Play-Doh.
they came over and assessed my work on the puppy, elephant and duck above and declared that i could work in a day care if i wanted.
(i replied that i already did, just for older kids who stay overnight)

a few moments later, my dad retracted his statement about my potential career change after taking a closer look at my other project...

i guess he thought it was less child-friendly.
(the real question is...is it a particularly evil octopus, or has he just not yet seen what's coming his way?)

eventually it was just my mom and i left at the Play-Doh table.
let it be known that we reverted to making dice and a miniature set of bowling pins and ball.
out of Play-Doh.
that we actually tried to use for a small game of bowling.
(in case you were wondering, this did not end up being a very fun game.)

seriously, folks.
it rained THAT much.

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  1. Great pictures! Those are really good...great angles!