January 24, 2011

how to end potty training

in the last two weeks, benjamin decided he was ready to potty train.
bern and i were quick to agree that this was a good decision.
since then, the following things have occurred:

1. he has marched around his daycare room in his t-shirt and "underpants" in order to stick
    out his tush and introduce his peers to the character of the day.

2. today, he carried in his 3 extra pair of "underpants" to keep in his cubby in case of...leaks.
    when we got into his room, he allowed me to help him remove his jacket and hat. BUT, he
    refused to let go of Wolverine, Thor, and Iron Man. i will have the visual of him
    cuddling/swaying with said clump of "underpants" in a bear hug reminiscent of a girl and
    her doll for a long time.

3. this weekend, we had a little accident. (well, not really we, but i like to make this a team 
    effort.) ben walked over to me in a squat/knees out/hilarious stance that made me think
    he was about to draw his gun a la Tombstone...

       benny: mama, help, i'm yucky.
       me: why are you yucky, benny?
       benny: betause i pooped on Thor.
       me: why did you poop on Thor? You can tell me when you need to use the potty.
       benny: i pooped betause YOU teep FEEDIN' me!

       not yet three and already blaming me for his current behavior...

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