January 25, 2011

failure to communicate

bern and i have been sporadically discussing the concept of chores with anthony.
compensated chores. 
clearly, the dollar amount would not be all that high, nor the chores all that complex, but we have been chatting about positive rewards/responsibility/the need to understand money, etc.

recently, while driving the two little guys home after work, i was discussing the topic again. 
i explained to anth that, if he saved his allowance in his Brutus Bank (no piggies here, only Buckeyes), we would let him go to Target and pick out a toy, etc.

anth glanced at me in the rearview mirror as though i had three heads. 
"um, mom. this REALLY won't work."
i asked why this was a problem, seeing as new toys were usually a plus to him. 
"um, you're forgetting something really big here. I. CAN'T. DRIVE."

this, coming from the kid in the back of the car. 
that i was driving. 

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