January 19, 2011

a nutty idea

bern and i buy our boys plenty of their own food.
i'm not sure why, seeing as they tend to choose the snacks or food items we hold most dear.
perhaps we should buy more of those.

in the last two weeks, anth has decided that he LOVES my Special K Cinnamon Pecan cereal.
i'll be the grown up and share with you, small child.
this weekend, anth and i were discussing the particular joys of both cinnamon and pecans as we both poured our bowls of cereal.
"mom, they are like, the best."

now, bern and i have completely different palates. 
bern is to mozzarella/provolone as krystyne is to blue cheese/pepperjack.
so anytime the kids choose something that leans toward my preferences, i get excited. 

the cereal discussion reminded me of a recipe i've been wanting to make for a while now.
i regularly frequent the blog kevinandamanda.com.
she does a lovely job of posting pretty photos and sharing fun tips on recipes, photography, blogging, etc.
she posted this recipe for candied pecans that i have been itching to make.
(even more so, i just want to smell them cooking. yum.)

so, i went into the kitchen to grab the recipe i had taken down from the site.
anth likes to play assistant in the kitchen, so i thought we could celebrate our mutual participation in the All Things Cinnamon and/or Pecan Club by baking these together.

i came back out of the kitchen to find anth slowly picking his way through his cereal and creating a small pile to the side of his bowl.
a small pile of...yep...pecans.

me: um, honey. we can get some more of those at the store.
anth: oh, mom. i'm taking those things out of my cereal because they are DISGUSTING.
me: (sets down recipe)

perhaps i can convince benny...

(note: pecans are baking now. and smell like bottled perfection.)

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