January 20, 2011

Parental Advisory

fact # 1:  i use a lot of nicknames for people.
often, they have nothing at all do to with someone's actual, given, name.
ones that i can think of off the top of my head include:

- friend
- peanut
- doll
- punk
- trouble

yes, i generally sound like i work in Mel's Diner.

fact #2: sitting on the stairs is a form of...behavior modification...in our house.
both of our boys have spent time "thinking about their choices" at the bottom of our staircase.

fact #3: our sweet benjamin has learned what it means to "tell on someone."
he routinely comes to us and reports various data regarding what anth has been up to and if he finds it suitable or not.

so...when benny walked up to me with a sense of purpose, i figured i was going to hear that "anny" had taken a toy from him, accidentally bumped into him, told him he was too young to chew gum, etc.

Benny: momma. you need'a tell anny to sit on duh staiws!
Momma: why, benja-bean? (yes, poor kid. i will stop soon.)
Benny: betause he bein' a PUNK!

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