January 11, 2011

SAFETY (dance) FIRST. . .

bern and i are big fans of PBS programming for the kids. 
particularly Word World. (and if mom's being honest, she kind of adores Peep.). 
because the majority of shows on PBS do not run the full 30 minutes, there are many little shorts and music videos that play randomly to fill up some of the time.

i feel relatively safe about PBS, so i don't always pay the closest attention while cooking and having it run in the background. 
except, the other day, i heard something along the lines of "now we are going to teach you the Safety Dance."
for about 5 seconds, i thought that PBS had become inherently cooler than i ever gave it credit for in the past. 
because, in a real moment of genius, my brain decided that PBS was going to freshen my children up on a little 1980's Men Without Hats pop-culture.
(hey, at least i'm willing to be honest about my own feats of ridiculousness.)
i came into the room to see this. 
i don't know, maybe to even do a little Safety Dancing with my kids. 

let it be known how disappointed i was when the following video came on:
PBS Safety Dance

yes, folks, that's right. 
as a parent, i was briefly disappointed when the local, public, educational programming was teaching my kids how to safely cross the street, and not, in fact, do this: (what kids should clearly be learning...
you can judge if you want to...

(Additional Fun Note: while doing my super-professional YouTube data gathering for this post, i found this link. clearly, someone else was as thrown off as i was. thrown off, enough, to bother to edit the original safety dance into the video. check out the festiveness here. to "ooop333" i say, great minds think alike. and, at least i'm not the only one.) 

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