February 4, 2011

The Baking Soda Incident - Part 1

some of the fodder for my posts gets put on hold until the right time. 
(and some of it waits until i get around to getting it off of my phone.)

in this case, both apply. 
today is a long day in the savvy house. 
it started this morning with me heading to campus to help facilitate a StrengthsQuest session at the Annual Conference on Leadership and Civic Engagement, while Bern took the boys to what benny calls "the haircut store."
they were a floppy-haired mess. :)
they looked like they were Beatles fans. 

then i came home to "tap out" bern and watch ben while the two older boys went to a birthday party for one of anth's friends. 
then bern ran them home and we did a costume change so that bern and i could go to the annual RA Cultural Event while the lovely Lauren Decker watched the boys. 
this event ranges each year from opera to ballet to the symphony, all with the intent of exposing students to something they may not have yet had the opportunity to experience. 
the performing arts lover in me is usually pretty geeked about these events. 
this year might take the cake. 

this year the event is the Columbus Jazz Orchestra doing "Broadway: From Oklahoma! to West Side Story."
so, bernie and i are equally happy about this.
he for the jazz, me for the broadway. 
and a hot date with 350 of our closest Res Life friends. :)

as a result, i prepped this post on Thursday night. 
aka, i cheated. 

here is the first half of what has become known as "The Baking Soda Incident." 
mainly by me. 

allow me to briefly set the stage:
- this was in early december
- anth was having a rough day
i went upstairs to put on my PJ's
- this took approximately 2 minutes
- in that time, benny came up with an idea for making anth feel better

here is part 1: 

tomorrow, ben and i will explain what he really thought he was going to do with this small pile of baking soda...

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