February 4, 2011

i heart homework 3 - driveway drama

Um...this pretty much sums up wednesday...

the teal box represents our garage, with the brown lattice being our shelves, and the door to the house in the middle.
the squiggles surrounding the car are a pretty accurate demonstration of our patterns left behind by several failed attempts to make it up the steep driveway.
this picture does not, however, capture the following things:
- mom walking up and down the grass to the right of the driveway to crush a "path" into the ice-covered snow.
- the small-boys-from-car-to-garage rescue mission.
- Benny panicking because i got anth up the driveway first and he concluded that we were leaving him outside in his car seat.
- and, the highlight of the evening: ben darting back from safety of garage to driveway while mom went down for a final bag-and-coffee-cup recovery mission.
(mom knew Ben had done this after hearing a wail and looking up to see a crying version of Benjamin slowly sliding down said driveway on his tush.)

lesson learned?
have more than table salt on hand.

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