February 10, 2011

child's play

over the holidays, my friend kelly sent the boys a few fun presents.
the boys are fans of "telly," so the toys were inherently cool.
one was a Toy Story version of the game Kerplunk, which was a complete throwback for me.
the other was a boxed set of several games along the Toy Story theme.
checker, dominos, puzzles, etc.
the boys go back to this box often when they are looking for something to do.
(anth has not been as thrilled with the checkers as he doesn't always win at that one.)

and, yet, it didn't immediately occur to me what on earth anth was talking about when he walked up to me recently and said, "hey, mom, let's play bimbo. that's a game we can both be good at."

and then it did.
"um, anth, i think you mean bingo."

also included in said box, but notably different.

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