February 28, 2011

get it right, mom

i've had a pretty good head cold recently.
anth is a highly empathetic kid, so while being tucked in, he reached up and circled my eyes with his fingers and said he hoped i would feel better.

it reminded me that my parents used to do what they called "tracing my face" at bedtime.
if current behavior is an indicator of my past behavior, my husband could verify that i tend to verbally process at the end of each day.
reflecting on this fact, my parents were probably just (lovingly) trying to get me to shut my trap.
sorry, mom and pops.

so, i told anth to close his eyes, and "traced" my fingers around his face, cheeks, ears. etc.
when i got to his eyes, i looped around them, and said, "and then they would trace around my eyes, in the shape of an 8."

anth, eyes still closed and clearly somewhat relaxed, gently corrected me.
"no, mom. that's like an infinity because it's sideways. 8's go up and down."

silly me.
how dare i be anecdotally inaccurate.

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