March 1, 2011

krystyne's definition of "wholesome"

i use the word "wholesome" all the time.
sometimes in reference to things that are, in fact, wholesome.
aka, in my mind they are good for the heart and soul, touching, endearing, etc...
and sometimes i use it in reference to things that are nowhere near that definition.
sarcasm is a tool i employ with some regularity.

tonight i am using it in the more sincere, heartwarming, sense.

in the last few months, benny has started asking us to "lay down with him" at night after we tuck him in.
so much so that i actually have placed a pillow on the floor next to his bed.
(judge all you want. i think it's sweet. for now.)

sometimes, anth comes in and joins us for the 3-5 minutes i spend on the floor.
on a few occasions when i was exceptionally tired, i may or may not have accidentally fallen asleep in this spot until bernie came to retrieve me.

but, in this case, i caught someone else in the act.

and this, my friends, is what "wholesome" looks like in person.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, this is legitimately the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen...aww!