February 5, 2011

i heart homework 4 - weather as food

while this did not actually happen on thursday, the sentiment expressed in anth's homework is correct. 

things happening in this drawing: 
- the orange guy is benny
- the device on his head is his "monkey hat"
- the line from hand to mouth is snow
- the right is the walkway at daycare, with the squiggles being the snow

if left to his own devices, benny would happily go outside and eat all the snow his little belly could handle. 
it would not, however, occur to him to play in it. 
for benny, winter is nothing more than an infinite syrup-free icee. 
our grocery bill totally goes down in the winter. 

below is some photographic and video evidence of this. 
as usual, from the phone so the quality is less than ideal. :)

benny, shoveling it in his face with hand. 
note, gloves had been removed. 
they complicate the snow-to-mouth motion.

good to the last drop. 

for those not familiar, ben is referencing the children's book The Gruffalo, when he states that he will bite the snow with his "terrible teeth and his terrible jaws." 
super cute. 
in the way that horrible monsters in children's stories can be cute. 


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  1. That first shot is awesome - I love the shoving-of-snow-into-mouth look.