February 7, 2011

i heart homework 6 - it's a wrap

this weekend was a little busy around the savvy abode.
so, we got a tad behind on our homework project.
hence, anth being the honest kid that he is, Friday/Saturday/Sunday are all labeled "Sunday" because that is when he completed them. 
always tell the truth...even if it busts your parents for falling behind on homework management.

but, sunday afternoon was highly productive.
anth completed mass amounts of valentines and his last three days of homework!

"winter makes me happy because you can have a snowball fight."
(i.e., throw snowballs at your little brother while he stands there and eats the landscape.)


"my mommy likes to take pictures of icicles."
(note: this is his bird's eye view depiction of mommy trying to take a picture of the trees covered in icicles while daddy was driving on the way in to work. haha.)

the other fun thing about honesty is this...

"when my daddy was walking up the driveway, he fell down."

i drive a Golf.
as demonstrated in earlier homework, it can't make it up the driveway when icy.
my sweet husband tried to get it up the driveway for me.
it protested for him as well.
on bern's way back up the driveway, it claimed another victim.

*note: to bern's credit, the driveway has a much greater incline than anth portrayed here.

anth turned in his packet of homework this morning.
i hope that his teachers enjoy this project as much as i have.


  1. ahahahhahahahahahaaa oh anth...

  2. This project was very cool. They're all so great, I wanted to pick a favorite (esp. today), but they're too good. Though "my mommy likes to take pictures of icicles" was pretty spot-on. I love how he's been able to incoporate all Savvy's into his homework!