February 8, 2011

living with old people

anth likes to listen to the radio as he falls asleep.
we typically set his radio for either 30 or 60 minutes...with no real rhyme or reason.

the other day bern tucked him in, set his radio and came downstairs.
we were trying to catch up on the episodes of Community tucked away in our DVR when we heard anth padding his way down the stairs.

i went up to get him tucked back in to bed.
i went to reprogram his radio.
anth, sweat as a pea, "mom, i think you should put it on a little longer. i'm not old like you. i can't fall asleep in, like, one minute."

i forget that 30-something looks geriatric to a 5-year-0ld.
anth reminds me.

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