February 17, 2011

it's that time of year again...

at many campuses across the country, it is currently RA Interview season. 
here at OSU, all of our team from RAs up to our Director have been camping out in one of our residence halls and conducting interviews of just short of 500 candidates. 
personally, i find this to be an exciting time, filled with high energy, hope, and cute forms of nervousness on the candidates' part. 
but, it's also tiring for someone who tends to be a bit more on the introverted side. :) 

so...a lazy post for y'all tonight. 

here is a photo of my 1996-1997 UC Irvine Mesa Court RA staff. 
as mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, you will find me in the center wearing my requisite overalls and Doc Martens. 
and, seemingly, just about to tip over. 

for those less concerned about my tragic mid-to-late-90's fashion choices, here is another fun photo of a more recent fashion choice. 
this one would be benjamin's. 
during the ice storms recently, i was using my cozy, lined, winter boots.
ben took a liking to them... 

i encourage you to take a moment to imagine how much i have enjoyed watching him "walk" around our house in these...


  1. 1. I think I have a picture of me in an outfit that is freakishly similar.
    2. From this angle, Benny's legs look freakishly long.

  2. That Asian girl on the right with the striped shirt and baggy pants is wearing what I wish I was allowed to wear. I unfortunately was in a private school uniform at the time.