February 16, 2011

my little coffee mate

i pretty much love coffee. 
and yet, i've mentioned before, i'm not ALL that amazing at making it. 
at least in a small batch for myself. 
keurig may just be the answer. 
in the meantime, the last coffee i bought was Macadamia Nut flavored. 
i usually go for good ol' plain coffee, but i felt a little...nutty?...that day. 
anth thinks that this coffee smells horrific. 

now, each night i try to make sure to pick out clothes for the next day, pack snacks & sippies for the little kids, make lunches for the big kids, and get my coffee ready to i can just press the button in the morning. 
anth is aware of this evening drill. 
and, has decided to use it to his advantage. 
he has recently started to offer to "help" me with this process...as a bedtime-avoidance tactic. 
his help generally consists of him pulling up a chair and standing there talking about Legos while i do the rest of the work. 
because i consider all of this to be memory-making, i allow his version of help. 
(though, to his credit, when we are making desserts or dinner, he is a legitimate part of the baking/cooking process.)

the other night, while standing on his chair, he veered off of the usual topic of legos and started suggesting cookies at every interval. 
for their snacks in the car. 
for mom and dad's lunch. 
for himself in that moment. 

when i went to get my coffee ready for the morning, stopped talking about cookies and leaned in really close to study what i as doing. 
as i scooped the ground coffee into the filter, he leaned back in sudden horror and literally gasped, " mommy, no WONDER it smells so gross! it's made of DIRT!!!!"



  2. Just read this to my coffee-addict-of-a-Zac. We chortled. This is Kelsey btw...in case that wasn't made clear by the awkward vocab