February 24, 2011

poor prior planning...

benjamin has recently developed a new way to enjoy bathtime.
at the end, after the general dirt-removal and hair-washing routine has been completed, he likes to lay down on his stomach and push off of one end of the tub toward the other end.

to him, this is a VERY exciting and fulfilling use of his time.
kind of makes you wish you were 2 again, doesn't it?

anyway, as he was doing this tonight, anth and i were discussing the fact that it is time for him to start swim lessons soon.
anth glanced over at ben, observed him, and said in his best encouraging-big-brother voice, "benny, you look like you're swimming!"

super supportive, right?


ben takes in this information and shoots back a giant grin.
then, he quickly looks down at himself and back at us.
his face?
"oh no, mommy! you wet me be swimming wifout my swim suit!"

the kid was completely embarrased.
after mucking around naked in the tub for the last 20 minutes.

sorry, benny,
my bad.

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