February 25, 2011

a post for emily...post

i have the best kids.
i mean, it's kind of a biased hypothesis.
but it's my job to think it's true.
to some (hopefully healthy) degree.

anyway....growing up, proper manners were a big deal in the Welch abode.
(for our friend who was referenced in this post, "Welch" is my maiden name. that means it was my last name before i got hitched. which is a reference to getting married.)

ah, digression...

important in my house growing up.
these ranged from proper use of silverware and other social graces to the sacred act of writing thank you notes.
my grandma shared these with my mom.
my mom passed them on to me.

in the last few weeks, i posted about my adventure with anth during a kindergarten field trip at the OSU Ice Rink.
here's a refresher picture...

not long after, on one of the days i picked up anth from school, i found an OSU envelope in his cubby
it was addressed "for mommy."

i am pleased to say that anth would have made his Great Grandma proud with the following post-ice-skating note and drawing...

so, in return...

dear anthony,

thank you so much for the lovely thank you note and drawing.
and for making my torso look quite toned.

much appreciated.

love (you best),

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