March 10, 2011

creepers v. blog readers & major milestones

recently, bern and i have both had a handful of folks tell us they like reading My Savvy Boys.
but, that they feel somehow creepy or invasive by doing so.

just to clarify...
i am writing all of this on the internet.
which bern reminds me is a public setting when i send him some of my more questionable posts for screening.
plus, i'm big into journaling. 
(yes, nerdy. but are you really surprised?).
so if i wanted it private, i'd write it there.

and i really do believe that all kids are pretty darn funny if you keep the eyes and ears open.
and that a good laugh at the end of the day is always a bonus.
i just happen to write it down to share with y'all.

a blog without readers is just kind of sad.
and doogie howser-ish.
so, please.
don't feel creepy.

unless you are, in fact, creepy.
if that is the case, then please...
don't read.

now...on to things that are not at all creepy.
actually, this one, for our little fam, is just about the best thing ever. 
today is bern's last day of class.
as of 9:48pm tonight, he will be done with his MBA!
as a visual aid as to where we were 2.25 years ago when this started, here is what the boys looked like the week daddy started this journey...

the house still had the heinous carpet... 
benny clearly hated the carpet.
or daddy being in school. 
or the snowsuit i made him wear.

but he found a happy distraction in dabbling in dentistry on anth. 
(ben obviously hadn't even had his first haircut yet!)

and, flash forward to...

the two littlest savaresi, very excited about daddy being done today!

congrats, sweet boy!!!

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