March 11, 2011

fail photo 24: pretty much...

in order to give anth a chance to process his day while working on his writing skills, bern and i ask that he takes a moment each night to jot down a sentence about his day.
he has thrown in the bonus of drawing a representation of his sentence as well, which is something he does in his kindergarten classroom.

this particular entry is a brief, but true, story....

1. why did this happen, you ask?
2. because anth withheld the couch pillows that benny so desired.
3. yes, anth was on the floor and ben on the couch when this happened.
4. yes, that is a depiction of his eye on the right.
5. yes, it actually did have a large red mark for a few days.
6. yes, anth found the need to draw a second one to better represent the size of the red mark.
7. and, yes, benny's behavior was duly addressed.

bern and i tell ourselves that anth's nightly journal will be a lovely keepsake one day.
entries such as this make me question that assumption...

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