March 5, 2011

the last day of "the 2's"

as benny's third birthday quickly approaches (tomorrow!), mom and dad have been busy discussing potential gifts, hitting stores, and doing a little shopping online. 

but my brain just keeps coming back to this, which causes me to question the need for presents...

*note: for those of you who believe for .83 seconds we would pass on giving benny birthday gifts, you are just plain silly.
or mean.
i'll let you categorize yourself on this one.

his "flagship" gift this year will be Magnatiles.
he has fallen in love with these at daycare.
and i have to admit, they are pretty fabulous.
for our tiny-yet-determined architect, they stick together better than blocks.
but, they also provide a higher level of satisfaction than Legos for the kid who likes to be able to quickly destroy what he just built.
and, yes, both the architect and demolition crew are benny.

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