March 3, 2011

the world is my sippy cup

i have been a festival of various cooties for the last few days. 
so tonight you get a post that i tucked away a few weeks ago...

as many of our stories do, this one involves bathtime.

it was a night when i decided to bathe the boys at different times, and it was benny's turn.
i was done washing ben, and he was just playing in the tub at this point.
anth had come into the bathroom to ask me a question.
i was trying to focus on anthony.
but, out of the corner of my eye, i noticed that the shower curtain was slowly moving.

i stopped to look at benny.
he was impishly smiling at me while slowly trying to pull the shower curtain closed.
i asked him what he was doing.
"i need some pwivacy."

i then inquired as to what, exactly, a 2-year-old needed privacy for in the tub.
"so i can dwink my diwty baf water and you don't tell me to stop it!"

that, friends, is my boy.
making momma proud.

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