April 12, 2011

anth: a pictorial review

these are a day late!

here is bern with our not-so-little 8 pound nugget!

here are anth and daddy one year later...looking notably more tired...
(this was actually taken after his first birthday party and little man was completely wiped out.)
(also, i have no explanation for his hair.)

anth was officially the Baker Hall West mascot that year. 
here we are in my office with the cake that my partner in crime, kelly jo, made for anth. 

flash forward to 2007 and here are those same two gents on anth's 2nd birthday!

by the time we got around to his 3rd birthday, anth had another adoring fan. :)

but he still had those pinchable cheeks!
this was his party at Grandpa Savarese's house.  

and here we are back at Grandpa Savarese's for birthday number 4. 
mom and anth snuck off to do our own little photo shoot. 
this was the "best" one. 

part two of his 4th birthday happened back out our house. 
(the berber carpet still makes me twitch when i see it. yuck-o.) 
this year, benny was old enough to "assist." 
(and yes, for those who are really observant, there is a gift in christmas wrap. oops.)

benny's version of "assistance" was questionable. 

with little brothers comes great jealousy.
it can be traumatic when you are 13 months old and realize it's not YOUR birthday. 

this was a ridiculously intense year of Star Wars. 
no, those aren't all from us. 
yes, it is excessive. 
4 was a good year. 

year 5 brought anth's first "friends" birthday party. 
he opted for The Little Gym. 

jealously part 2. 

and this was the worst. 
here benny is watching his big brother get...

his first bike! 
from Grandma and Grandpa Welch. 

and, here is my wonderful little man at the age of 6!

(there are currently a variety of cooties attacking my person, so i'll post photos from the actual birthday festivities in a few days!)

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  1. You have not changed a bit in 11 years.

    That is all.

    Love your blog. Love these boys. Tell Bern I said "what up." :)