April 13, 2011

grammar matters

first...on a note unrelated to my kiddos or this post...today was a good day. 
a good friend bought a flight to come and visit this summer, and i was given the opportunity to take on a leadership role i've been hoping to have a chance to serve in. 
i really let myself want this and was nervous about it on a variety of levels. 
ask bern. 
i'm sure he can share some charming stories of my hot mess of a self over the last few weeks. 
so, a quick word of thanks to those who put their vote of confidence in me, as well as to my lovely colleagues in Archer and Neilwood Gables for their barrage of kind words and "love notes" this morning!

now, for the good stuff...
(that might just make one question backing me in the former process.)

this story is truly a little homage to my own brilliance.

AKA, prepare to be impressed.

in this particular "Real Mom Of Genius" moment, the boys and i were driving home after work/school.
specifically, we were driving on a local street called Henderson.
anth has recently taken to noticing various signs and either reading them aloud to us,
or asking us what they spell.

we had just passed an old Mexican restaurant that had closed down a while ago.
i was engrossed in some random thought or another, and anth pulled me out of it when he asked,
"hey mom, what does R-I-T-A-S spell?"
i asked him to repeat it again.
he did.
and then he shared the fact that it had an "a-pop-strophe."


i started to explain that " 'ritas" is a nickname for a drink that some adults like.
anth then suggested "oh. well, have you had a 'ritas recently? we could go get 'ritas together."


it was only after my 5-year-old offered to get cocktails together that i realized he was, in fact, referring to Rita's.
the Italian Ice stand on Henderson.

moral of the story?
punctuation is really important.

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