April 28, 2011

baseball and bubbles

tonight we are spending some time saying goodbye to a gem of a colleague who is heading off to his next big adventure.
and you know what that means...

lazy post!

not so long ago, we had a few consistently sunny and beautiful days here in Columbus.
for the boys, sunshine translates directly to baseball and bubbles in the backyard.

which clearly requires shades.

really classy shades.

and lots of blue clothing.

apparently, benny was not pleased with the umpire's call.

also, note that anth was the one playing baseball.
yet also the one assisting his brother, who was watching, to his drink.

ben quickly moved on to bubbles.

which requires an intense level of focus.


this might be my favorite from the day.
becuase they thought i was off taking photos of benny.
(i'm sneaky like that. stealth, even.)
love. love. love.

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  1. Why do you think it is that I love any photo of Ben staring at something intently? So freaking adorable. Also totally love that picture of the bigger boys together. Way cute.