April 29, 2011

fail photo 28 - cake bandit

today at work we had a goodbye party for our colleague Bryan Smalley.
it included us wearing a fabulous shirt that his students had made for their hall council that said "Bryan Smalley is my Homeboy."
over whatever we had already worn to work.

that's bryan in the middle.
and that's bryan's face on each of our shirts.

this send-off also included a ridiculously tasty cake that was half red velvet and half carrot.
bryan and i both share the sentiment that cream cheese frosting is perfection.
which brings me to this week's fail photo.

this one is of anth.
and is clearly a few years old.
i no longer even remember from where i brought home a piece of my personal favorite, carrot cake.
i do, however, remember how excited i was to eat it.
and i remember setting it on the coffee table.
and going to the kitchen for a glass of milk.
and coming back to THIS.

and yet we love them still...

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