April 23, 2011

bunnies on the brain...

tonight, anth and i were lying on the floor next to benny's crib at bedtime. 
yes, this has become a part of the routine that i have accepted. 
judge as you will. 

anth, being a logical child, has been focused on the logistics of being the easter bunny. 
he used this time together to ask the following...
is he the size of a real bunny?
or is he huge like the ones in the mall? 
does he look like a real bunny or the "dress up" bunnies? 
does he have helpers?
is he magical? 
how does he carry all of that? 

for the most part, bern and i let him know that because we were such good kids, and listened to our parents who told us we had to go to bed, we don't know. 
you see, we were angels. 
and went to bed early. 
and fell asleep right away. 
and did not get up and go poking about. 
hence, we have never actually seen the Easter Bunny. 
anth accepted this at face value. 
and went to bed. 

he then became concerned that we needed to "leave something for the bunny." 
he hopped out of bed and dashed downstairs.

he drew a quick picture and note for the bunny and grabbed a bowl. 
he then asked us to "leave him some salad." 
which we have done. 
(we hope the Easter Bunny enjoys a Romaine Blend.)
anth then went back to bed. 

i went up to check on him a few minutes ago. 
he is quietly lying in bed awake. 
i asked him what he was doing. 
he said he was going through the first floor of the house "in his brain," picturing all the places a bunny might hide something. 
(at least he's being productive up there.)

i think i mentioned previously that we took anth to see HOP on his birthday.
on my way out, anth shared one last thought. 
"hey, mom. wouldn't it be really cool if daddy was the real easter bunny? then we could be his helpers."

wouldn't it, anth? 

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